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Woods, water, wilderness – the Eifel National Park

An area as large as 17,000 football fields, 11,200 animal and plant species, an 85-kilometre “Wildnistrail”, and best of all: It lies adjacent to your temporary home. But the Eifel National Park is much more than its facts and figures; it is a true paradise for the senses. Feel the soft moss under your feet, touch the rough bark of the giant, centuries-old trees, listen to the woodpeckers work, and inhale the scent of the fragrant woodruff. Look forward to experiencing nature in a way that will move you.

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The hotel is really nice with amazing nature in the national park and beautiful villages to visit nearby.

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A holiday apartment in Schleiden-Gemünd at the national park

Rursee lake: a blue oasis in the countryside

Do you love water sports? Do you love cycling? Are hikes with a lake view just your thing? Can you not get enough of nature? Well then, the Rursee lake is the right place for you. Surrounded by lush flora and fauna, the “blue soul” of the Eifel National Park offers nature lovers the complete package for an eventful excursion in the place we are lucky enough to call home.

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A holiday apartment in Schleiden-Gemünd at the national park

Feel and experience nature

The national park is made for discovering nature on your own. Observe wildcats and black storks in their natural habitat, enjoy the fields of golden broom blossoms (“Eifelgold”) in early summer, and quickly find your favourite spot. On a cloudless night, you can enjoy an unforgettable stargazing experience thanks to the low air pollution and sparse population of the national park. It is not for nothing that the national park has been recognised as an International Star Park. Breathe in, breathe out, and enjoy yourself – there is probably nowhere as easy to do so as in the untouched natural landscape of our national park.

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Even more highlights around the Eifel region:

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